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How Do We Pay for Long-term Care? The Role of Public Assistance

The words Medicare and Medicaid are frequently confused. Although both were created by the U.S. government in 1965, they are two very different public assistance programs. Medicare guarantees access to health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older. Certain disabled people younger than age 65 can qualify for Medicare. Medicare pays for short-term skilled nursing […]

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Elder Law: Good Advice is Essential

With the graying of the U.S. population, and with Americans living longer than ever, it’s no wonder issues pertaining to the elderly have evolved into a dedicated legal arena. Legislation and policies affecting the elderly are frequently changing, such as those related to Medicaid for long-term care and benefits programs for Veterans. Rapidly changing laws […]

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Marital Agreements: It’s Usually Best to Put It in Writing

Second marriages, significant inheritances, and pressure from adult children can all lead you to wonder if you should have a prenuptial agreement (before marriage), or perhaps a postnuptial agreement (after marriage). In both of these agreements, you disclose your current assets and decide what happens to property you bring into the marriage and acquire during […]

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The Memorandum of Tangible Personal Property: Who Gets the Hummels?

Deciding who gets what can break up even the best of family relationships and shatter poor ones. Recently I met with a couple of modest means who said they wanted their possessions split evenly among their three adult sons. I inquired about household furnishings, artwork, collections and jewelry, and how they would divide them. The […]

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Elder Law: Addressing the Unique Concerns of Our Seniors

As we age, new challenges may arise concerning our health and our finances. Husbands and wives often face the daunting task of not only dealing with a spouse’s illness, but also harsh financial consequences. Today many adult children are dealing with the struggles of caring for older parents. Families with loved ones who are aging, […]

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A Will or a Trust? One Size Does Not Fit All!

In recent years, more media segments and advertisements have focused on estate planning. Terms like “living trusts” and “creditor protection trusts” are thrown about but are often not properly explained. Even more confusingly, numerous companies offer form will and trust documents, promising to save you time and money over hiring a lawyer. With all of […]

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