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Elder Law: Addressing the Unique Concerns of Our Seniors

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As we age, new challenges may arise concerning our health and our finances. Husbands and wives often face the daunting task of not only dealing with a spouse’s illness, but also harsh financial consequences. Today many adult children are dealing with the struggles of caring for older parents. Families with loved ones who are aging, incapacitated or have special needs pose unique financial and legal concerns. Like most clients, they want to know how to protect their assets, but they also ask for assistance in making healthcare decisions, evaluating nursing home care, answering questions related to Medicaid planning, and applying for Veteran’s benefits.

I draft documents that are designed to protect the welfare of my clients and their loved ones, such as asset protection trusts, Medicaid trusts, durable financial and medical Powers of Attorney, and advance medical directives. Specific questions I encounter in my practice include:

  • Should I purchase long-term care insurance?
  • Can I set up trusts for my grandchildren?
  • How do I pass my business to a family member when I retire?
  • Should I obtain a reverse mortgage on my home?
  • What amount of my assets can be transferred tax-free?
  • What are the rules concerning Medicaid eligibility?

A former intensive care nurse and now lawyer for over 20 years, my goal is to approach these questions with the care, compassion and experience gleaned from my medical and legal background. I enjoy speaking to local civic organizations, senior communities and churches about topics related to estate planning and elder law. If you have a loved one that may need nursing home or assisted living care, first discuss the situation with your doctor, and then consult an elder law attorney you can trust. I invite you to contact me to schedule a consultation specific to elder law issues or for a complimentary general estate planning consultation.