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Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers

Litigation is an unfortunate reality for almost any business. Our objective is to help clients minimize the impact litigation has on their business operations and financial well being. We are committed to providing our business clients with effective, efficient and ethical legal representation in the resolution of business, commercial and corporate disputes.

We represent individuals, businesses, executives and officers in a broad range of commercial and corporate litigation matters including:

  • Shareholder and management disputes
  • Fiduciary duty litigation
  • Franchise agreement disputes
  • Litigation of issues of control and ownership of a business
  • Real estate litigation involving title insurance companies, real estate brokers, developers and individual or business property owners in dispute
  • Breach of contract litigation arising out of the sale of defective goods
  • Uniform Commercial Code disputes
  • General contract disputes

In addition, we have broad experience handling business, commercial and corporate litigation involving collection issues, employment matters, insurance disputes, creditors’ rights in bankruptcy and partnership disputes. As experienced trial lawyers, we recognize that litigation is often the most expensive method of dispute resolution. Our team has extensive experience in the mediation and arbitration of these issues.

As experienced commercial litigators, we recognize that litigation is often the most expensive method of dispute resolution. We also recognize that businesses care about the bottom line. Winning a $100,000 case but incurring legal fees of $150,000 is a loss, and our goal is to provide economically viable solutions to business clients involved in disputes through litigation,  mediation, arbitration or settlement of such disputes. Whether in the courtroom or via a carefully negotiated settlement, our attorneys seek to provide our clients with the most efficient resolution possible.