Parker, Pollard, Wilton, and Peaden - Attorneys at Law

Our Values

At PPWP, we view values as practical guides to action. By embracing the following values in our daily operations, these ideals are ultimately transcended into excellent client service.

Fact-Based Decisions

What is, is.  If we want it to be better, we must act within the context of the facts (or reality).


We will make logical decisions based on the facts and will act on these decisions in an objective manner.

Independent Thought

Each employee is challenged to use his or her mind and creativity to its optimal potential to make rational decisions.  In this context, each of us is responsible for what we do and who we are.


We are committed to be producers of value and well-being by allocating resources rationally and by taking the actions necessary to accomplish our mission.


Being honest is simply being consistent with reality.  To be dishonest is to be in conflict with reality and is therefore self-defeating.


Regardless of the short-term benefits, acting inconsistently with our principles is to our long-term detriment.

Justice (Fairness) 

Individuals should be evaluated and rewarded objectively (for better or worse) based on their contribution to accomplishing our mission and their adherence to our values.


We must perform our work in such a manner as to be able to be justly proud of what we have accomplished.

Self-Esteem (Self-Motivation)

A necessary attribute for self-esteem is self-motivation. We believe that you receive satisfaction from your work proportionate to how much you contribute.


While independent thought is critically important, much of our work is accomplished within teams.  We seek to accomplish agreed-upon objectives in a respectful and mutually supportive manner.